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White papers

Through a range of articles and white papers, Payment Redesign has provided views and opinions on developments in the payment industry. Most papers can be downloaded from this site, please contact us if you need to know more about any document.


Cashless Society, Really? Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems, Volume 10. 2016

It's time to redesign card technology for ATMs - ATMMarketPlace, October 2016

Brexit options and the impact on Payment Institutions - RBR Bulletin August 2016

ATM security: What can we learn from a hacked iPhone? - ATMMarketPlace, April 2016

NFC faced teething problems in 2015 - RBR Bulletin January 2016

Facebook payments - is Facebank around the corner? - RBR Bulletin July 2015

2015 - Whose year will it  - RBR Bulletin April 2015

An interbanking battleground for mobile payments - RBR Bulletin March 2015

Bitcoin: becoming the Linux for transaction banking? - RBR Bulletin February 2015

The case for NFC and mobile for the ATM industry - CMS Payment Intelligence' Global cash report Oct. 2014

9.9.2014 The day a future was created for mobile payments - RBR Bulletin October 2014

EMV; what's next? - RBR Bulletin March 2014/Payment AG

How European are ATM operationsbe? - RBR Bulletin October 2013

The end of the road for electronic purse - RBR Bulletin May 2013

EMV notes from a small island - ATMIA, Feburary 2013


ATMIA Members can download Payment Redesign reports and white papers on cloud based ATMs, Windows10 and Windows CE through the ATMIA Market Intelligence library.  

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