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ATMIA US workshop - Future developments

Global feedback on a new architecture - Eric de Putter


Payment Redesign’s study into practical aspects of moving to the cloud was well-received.  There are good alternatives for a modern architecture that removes some of the challenges of the past years such as the XP and 7 migration.  11 deployers in 30+ countries accounting for more than 260 000 highlighted benefits for change management and security and highlighted the need for standardisation. Obviously, the industry needs to co-operate and ensure that the relevant APIs emerge.  



Industry RFI next generation ATM architecture - Eric de Putter

As this presentation demonstrated, co-operation had already started; within the ATMIA a dedicated committee was set up to request more information from vendors on their next generation ATM architecture.  This committee focused on the problem statements and identified inter-operability, creating an app model for ATMs, operating system, monitoring and management, standards and security as the hot topics where improvements are required.  As the only non-deployer, Eric presented the status, the RFI has been sent to 60 suppliers with a deadline for late March.


Experiencing the future - Peter Kulik head of digital ATM, Citi

During an interview, Citi’s Peter Kulik shared Citi’s experience with thin client ATMs. Citi’s vision is that the self-service user experience should be the same globally; whether a cardholder takes out cash from a Citi ATM in Orlando or one in Europe or the Middle East, they should see the same transaction set and the same screens. In today’s thick-client ATMs, the software stack on ATMs would be prohibitively complex to accomplish this vision.  A thin client ATM solution would result in a substantial reduction in complexity and operational overhead to deliver this global user experience and manage Citi’s ATM network.



Global feedback demonstrates that it is time to re-think the current ATM architecture based on cloud and app thinking.

Eric de Putter

Managing partner Payment Redesign


The industry is united and asked 60 vendors to clarify their next generation ATM architecture based deployer requirements

ATMIA Industry RFI oommittee

We are executing proof of concepts with a thin client architecture and expect benefits such as rapid deployment of new ATM software features.

Peter Kulik

Head of digital ATM, Citi

ATMIA logo Peter Kulik

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