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ATMIA US workshop - current affairs

Alternative Operating Systems - Marcel Ficken


After 15 years Microsoft (XP/7 and CE) have the lion share with 98% of the operating systems.  Linux has been established for a similar period but has not really taken up.  Linux can avoid the periodical replacement but lacks mainstream support.

The new kids on the block are Android, Google Chrome and Microsoft IoT Core. Each of those are small operating systems with little complexity.  The latter two are maintained by a large company and can in conjunction with a cloud potentially create further efficiencies for most deployers.  Marcel articulated a vision where Internet-of-Thinks communication in conjunction with a thin-client approach can result in the industry avoiding a complete reliance on any operating system.


industry roadmap for Windows 10 - Eric de Putter


Windows 10 is a huge step forward when it comes to security although it may come with new hardware requirements, advanced products such as Device Guard to increase PC security but may see the industry upgrading from 32 bits to 64 bit.  The ATMIA is yet trying to determine the precise scope for any hardware refresh.  The audience was keen to hear if Windows 10 allowed for more applications – regrettably Windows 10 will only have security and compliance benefits.  


Automated testing - Colin Fraser senior product manager FIS OTS


Colin Fraser from FIS highlighted that for substantial ATM software changes, ATM deployers may want to re-think their testing strategies and introduce an agile approach, incorporating test automation as soon as possible in order to reduce effort and increase speed.


Windows CE, status and end dates - Eric de Putter


Windows CE most recent version dating from 2013 will not be supported post 2023.  Daryl Cornell, CEO of Triton confirmed that Triton will continue to support their clients using CE beyond 2023. Triton will also assess the alternatives.  Daryl highlighted the financial benefits from features such as Dynamic Currency Conversion and money transfers to deployers stating that the industry needs to rethink what other sort of application it wants to see on ATMs.

Colin Fraser DC Marcel Ficken

Windows 10 IoT Core, Android and Chrome OS are the likely future alternatives ATM Operating Systems of the future. An internet-of-things appraoch would reduced the need for device drivers and allow for OS -agnostic solutions.

Marcel Ficken

Principal consultant Payment Redesign

Deployers should act now and start planning their Windows 10 roadmap as the manufacturers are announcing their readiness dates.

Eric de Putter

Managing partner Payment Redesign


Deployers may want to re-think their testing approach for Windows 10 and automate more.  

Colin Fraser

Senior Product manager FIS OTS

Triton will continue to support CE after 2023 and is assessing alternatives.

Daryl Cornell

CEO Triton

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