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ATMIA US conference - new directions for the ATM industry

Extended workshop, town hall session & a career highlight 


Payment Redesign contributed in a number of ways to the ATMIA US conference in Orland from 14 – 16 February.


 •   The first ever Payment Redesign workshop during an ATMIA event took place on

     14 February 2017.  Managing Partner Eric de Putter and Principal Consultant

      Marcel Ficken addressed a number of bigger issues for the ATM industry around

      end dates of Operating Systems and potential successors.


 •   The very same evening, Eric gave his views on changes in the industry for the

      next 10 years highlighting that ATM deployers have an opportunity to choose for

      modern architectures.


 •   The next day, Eric received the ATM consultant of the year award. Mike Lee,

      ATMIA's CEO highlighted Eric's contributions on key technology issues

      and uniting the industry were vital to receiving the award for the second year



During the conference Eric also handed the first copy of the ADAGIO report to Mike Lee.


Findings of the workshop

The key take aways of the extensive workshop of the future of Operating Systems, with contributions from FIS, Triton and Citibank:


1. Windows 10 has more complexities than previous operating system Windows XP/7. Wth manufacturers announcing readiness, deployers can start planning theire Windows 10 migration at their earliest convenience to meet the 2020 Windows 7 end date.


2. With also Triton confirming extended support, ATM deployers relying on CE have continuity. Deployers may want to work close with their suppliers to provide input on the next operating system choice.


3. Both the ATM Industry RFI committee and Payment Redesign's ADAGIO study revealed benefits of applying modern cloud based technology to the ATM industry. It imay be early although many many organisations are considering this new architecture.


More information

Click on one of the links below for the high level overview of the workshop.  You can also download an attachment with a more detailed outline of each session, by clicking here.


Part I: Current affairs, alternative operating systems, CE and Windows 10

Part II: Future developments, industry RFI next generation ATM architecture, ADAGIO findings.




ATMIA award

Managing partner Eric de Putter receiving the ATMIA International consultant of the year from ATMIA's president Tom Harper